Monday, January 26, 2015

Summary of Miles Sailed

Out of interest, I have tallied the miles we sailed on Ladybug and Ladybug II.

In our first boat, the Cal 29, Ladybug, we sailed approximately 7600 nautical miles from Canada, down the US coast, in Mexico, and back to Canada via Hawaii over a period of a year. We spent about 60 nights at sea on her, mostly on the return trip.

On Ladybug II, our Coast 34

  • We owned her for approximately 6 years
  • During which we sailed a total of about 19,200 nautical miles
  • We spent about 100 nights at sea
  • Our average speed was between 4 and 4.5 knots
  • We motored for a total of about 600 hours or 100 hours per year
  • Motoring accounted for about 13 percent of our voyaging hours (in other words, we sailed 87 percent of the time)
Total distance covered was approx. 26,800 nautical miles, which is more than the distance around the world along the equator and about 5000 miles more than the minimum allowable distance for a sailing circumnavigation of the globe.


Ann Adams said...

We will miss your blogs. She looks beautiful on her last sails with you!

Chris Bennett said...

Thank you Ann. We will miss you and Bob, too! Will follow your adventures on your blog with some jealousy.