Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photos from Christchurch and the Banks Peninsula

This post is out of order, because we visited Christchurch and the Banks Peninsula a couple of weeks ago, but better late than never. Please see earlier post for more details on our trip to the Banks Peninsula.

Rani and friend in the botanical gardens, Christchurch

Amazing topiary at the botanical gardens

The rose garden features some surprising hybrids.
The trees are also pretty large in this park - Rani stands under a grand old eucalyptus.
We took in part of a play adaptation of Wind in the Willows in Christchurch and then hurried off to find a campsite.

From Christchurch we made our way to Orton Bradley park where we did some hiking and met Bill Sykes, who volunteers in the gardens (see earlier post).

Rani with horticultural expert Bill Sykes

The Orton Bradley park features a water driven lumber mill and we came across this elderly pump engine about a kilometer from the mill.

A whimsical door in the woods

View back toward Orton Bradley park en route to Mount Herbert (920 meters)

We made our own route on the way up, passing through pastures.

These sheep seemed surprised to see us.

There is a shelter on the way up Mount Herbert

On the way down - Mount Bradley in the distance

Lovely views on the way back to Orton Bradley Park

Much of the trail is through meadows

After Orton Bradley, we drove over to Okains Bay and camped there at a lovely and well equipped campsite on the beach.

Library in Okains Bay has been running since the 1860's - The building is only about 5 meters by 5 meters and contains one wall of books, and a large round table  and chairs where books used to be read to those who could not read.

Colourful and shapely phone booth in Okains Bay. We saw a similar booth in far away Arrowtown, this week.

Sheep herding, using ATV, small boy, and dog

Chicken at campsite in Okains Bay - came looking for a hand-out. She likes crackers and cooked oatmeal (no raw oats please).

Rani has a cracker

Quite a jump for such a plump little bird.

Baby booties at a stall in Akaroa

Classic car tours were a common site in Akaroa

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