Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ontario to NS

I made it to NS where I have spent the last few days visiting my parents. I plan to clear a trail and camping spot at the cottage lot and then head into Halifax to see some friends. Rani will join me here near the end of August.
Here are some pics from the remainder of the trip. I visited Ottawa where I finally saw the inside of the parliament buildings. 26 years ago I was in the band that marched every day onto Parliament hill for the changing of the guard, so watching the performance as a spectator had special meaning. It only seems like yesterday that I was wearing a bearskin hat and hot red wool tunic.

Ceremonial Guard band marching toward parliament hill.

Ceiling of lobby outside the legislature. Note Nova Scotia light house.

Lester Pearson's (or at least his statue's) shoe.
Next I visisted Bruce and Olga in Montreal and spent the weekend at their cottage with a number of their friends. The cottage is on Bark Lake and can only be reached by boat. Their daughter Catherine is a delight and has grown so much since I saw her last Winter. Bruce and I went to McGill university in the mid-80's and played trumpet together. I was last at the cottage 25 years ago and not much had changed - we still stayed up too late and drank too much :)

Bruce MacNab


From Montreal, I drove through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine where I ran across a wonderful sculpture garden (all welded by the proprietor).

Dinosaur on the loose.
Alien and ship
Frog band
The following was a view on my last morning in Maine near where I camped for the night:

Sunrise in Maine
It's good to be back in Nova Scotia, but I look forward to continuing this blog in September/October when we return to Mexico and Ladybug II.