Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sentence handed down in Nuku Hiva for murder of cruiser

When we visited French Polynesia en route to New Zealand in 2012, rumours were flying of a German cruiser had recently been murdered and possibly eaten while pig hunting with a local guide. The cannibalism was juicy material for tabloids but was not proven during the trial. This article describes the sentencing of the Polynesian man and outlines what happened.

Our friend, Randall was in the area at the time and has a more detailed report you can read on his blog.

Stormy weather in the bay

Just received an email from friends, Jos and Logan, who have a boat moored next to Ladybug in McLeod Bay. They attached this picture of their boat and a couple of others that was featured in the Northern Advocate, a local newspaper. Ladybug is just out of the picture to the left, and our friends tell us she is still there and OK!

Storm in McLeod Bay, North Island, New Zealand