Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tea Anyone?

I love my cup of tea and brought the car to a grinding halt when we passed Teapot Land in Owaka, on the Catlins coast. The owner, Graham, has a collection of 863 teapots of all shapes and sizes in his front garden. He invites people to admire and photograph them, for a small donation. Funnily enough he prefers coffee to tea!

Some he has bought, while others were donated for a good cause. Most are in fine shape but a few lack a spout or handle. There is something for everyone - animals in cute clothes, country cottages, cars and double-decker buses. Graham is in it purely for fun and discourages collectors from taking his precious pots by drilling a hole in the base of his more desirable pots. Every Autumn he takes several days to pack the collection, bringing it out again for the summer season.

Cats, mice, pigs - all manner of animal teapots

Even the teddy bears love tea at picnics!

We got milk!

House size pots!

Hey, don't forget us!

Gordon loves collecting teapots but drinks coffee!!!

Tea on wheels!

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