Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello from La Cruz

We have been back in La Cruz for a few days but leave tomorrow for Mazatlan, so not much time for a good blog post!

We left Manzanillo, stopping in Santiago and then El Carrizal to do some snorkeling with Ernie on Morgana and Jo and Rob on Blue Moon. Our next stop was just north of Barra at Melaque. We had a good sail there with light head winds, arriving near Blue Moon just as darkness fell. The next day we celebrated St Patrick´s day a day early with fireworks, bands, and a fun fair. This was the ninth day of celebrations for this feast day (Santa Patricio) and the partying went on until 6am when the last fireworks were let off. Not sure how the locals and visitors keep this up for 10 days!

The sail north was pleasant on the whole but with a lot of beating to get around Cabo Corrientes into Banderas Bay. By a crazy coincidence we met a friend from Canada (Chad) who happened to be surfing nearby for a week and dropped by the marina to use the washrooms after getting lost. We visited Puerto Vallarta with Chad and then took him sailing for my birthday (yesterday) out to the Marieta islands where we snorkeled and drank and ate to excess - a great birthday!

More on the Melaque celebrations and some pics in another post.


Joan and James said...

Happy Easter to you both, and Chris, a belated happy birthday! Sounds like you are enjoying good friends and good wine along your journey. Did I read that you are setting your sails north for Victoria soon? We are headed to Ponhook for the long weekend.

Fair Winds,
Joan & James

Grace said...

Happy Easter Chris and Rani. (We met Chris while hiking with the COG on Sugarloaf last spring). I'm hoping it is okay that I passed your blog info onto my sister-in-law and husband. They too are sailors and have a place on the Sea of Cortez.