Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photos from Tahuata

These pictures really go with text in earlier posts related to our stay in Tahuata island...

Hino at his bachelor pad in Vaitahu

Pan bread rolls - we bake these on the stove top in a heavy frying pan.

Can you spot our dinghy?

Church in Vaitahu 

Stained glass window in church

Pamplemousse in the village

Small pirogues

Carved post at one of the stores

Larger pirogue

Artisans at Hapatoni

Bone carvings

Lovely octopus necklace

Bone tiki (2 sided)

Hapatoni church

Raised stone road at Hapatoni

Hapatoni Bay

Chris avec une vache

Papaya off the tree

Giant leaves dwarf Rani 

Ken Burns prepares a drinking nut for us - removing the husk against his knee - do not try this at home!

A friend of Hino prepares mango salad

Pakalolo's pîglets - pakalolo is the local term for marijuana...

Hapatoni artisan

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