Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photos from Fatu Hiva

Ladybug at Hanavave Bay

St. Michel's Catholic Church - Hanavave

Copra drying rack

Petroglyph near falls

Rani at Vai'e'enui falls

Enjoying a cold beer at the falls

Chris & Mike gather bananas

Chris, Mike, and Karen hiking near the falls

Vai'e'enui Falls - Chris, Mike, and Karen (from 'Chapter Two')

Hanavave village scene

Woman beating bark to make tapa cloth

Tiki at Hanavave dinghy dock

Shrine above Hanavave

Hanavave village overlook

View over Hanavave Harbour

6 inch centipede

Petroglyph we saw in a field on our hike

Picnic site for Aranui cruisers on road from Hanavave to Omoa

Sprouting coconuts

Hiking near Omoa valley - rain in distance

Ripe bananas - ready to eat

Small but delicious (the bananas, that is)

Children with freshly caught octopus

Roller furler failure - fixed with string & grease for now

Madeleine and Rani in Madeleine`s garden - the peppers were extremely hot!

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