Monday, June 18, 2012

Anaho Bay Pictures

These pictures belong with text that was posted earlier on this blog. Anaho Bay was our favorite anchorage on Nuku Hiva -  tranquil and the locals were very welcoming.

Approach to Anaho Bay

Anaho Bay beach

Yachts anchored off the coral reef at Anaho Bay

Catholic children's camp building

Pomegranate growing on a bush at the children's camp

Unusual garden ornaments

Cooking breadfruit over coconut husk fire

Karim prepares a baked breadfruit with Rani and Nicky (from Knotty Lady) looking on.

Tuaki shows how to de-skin a breadfruit

Large land crab - they come out at night and we saw this one on the way home from a shore-side pot-luck

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