Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fakarava south photos

The text that describes these photos can be found earlier in this blog.

Climbing a small coconut palm. Even this little tree was difficult enough to climb!

Sea urchin found on a reef

Crossing a small pass between motus - shoes are necessary due to very rough corals.

These fish would come immediately if we threw any vegetable or fruit scraps overboard.

Walkway between motus. A small resort with thatched cottages is on the far motu.

Coral church at South Fakarava

Chandelier made of shells

Interior of shell church

This pig was attempting to open a coconut

Boat house and wharf - note the spoked wheels that are used to raise the boat. They probably do this because of the  high currents in the pass and the very shallow water.

Wharf at pass

Coral off wharf in pass. The water was incredibly clear and the photo does not do justice to the colours.

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