Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pictures from Hakaui and Hakatea - Daniels Bay

Some pictures to accompany an earlier post on our visit to Daniel's Bay.

Crossing the stream on the way to Vaipo falls (near Hakaui).

Rani tries her hand at being a fearsome Marquesan with Marquesans, Kua, Teiki, and Teiki whom we met on the road to the Vaipo falls. They were selling fruit and vegetables to cruisers.

Teiki  showing us how his ancestors would prepare for a boar hunt - note the tusks. 

A Marquesan larakeet in a papaya tree. These birds are very hard to see in the woods because their colour perfectly matches the background.

Vaipo Falls - a 900+ foot cascade. 
Crossing the stream - note the hard hat - necessary due to rock falls.

Teiki asked us for a picture and, having no printer, Rani drew this sketch from  the above photo.

We met a carver named Augustin who had practiced his art on the dining room table (part of the table top).

Preparing breadfruit to make `breadfruit chips`

Inside of breadfruit

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