Monday, June 18, 2012

Hatiheu Pictures

These photos refer to text published earlier on this blog about a hike we made with our friends from 'Knotty Lady' from Anaho Bay to Hatiheu, a town with extensive archeological sites.

Seed pod containing a sort of cotton.

Horses frequently use the trail to Hatiheu

View from the trail at top of the ridge over Anaho Bay

Climbing to a lookoff over Anaho Bay

Look off at Anaho Bay

Pack horses with a load of melons for the market in Taiohae

Tiki of chief with casse-tete (head breaker) and child at Tohua Hikoku'a

Creation myth carving - a turtle on top of two intertwined bodies at Tohua Hikoku'a   

Recently carved tiki at Tohua Hikoku'a 

Mortar for grinding or pounding fruits, seeds, or nuts

Baking pit at Tohua Kamuihei

Paepae with reconstructed building at Tohua Kamuihei

Huge banyan tree at Tohua Kamuihei - note Rani for scale

Nicky opening a Marquesan almond

Opened Marquesan almond - small but sweet

Horse and rider on trail from Anaho to Hatiheu

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