Friday, November 16, 2012

"Windigo" Update

We received an update on the yacht "Windigo" yesterday via friends on "Long Shot II" who are in touch with the RCCNZ. A vessel called "Follow Me" located "Windigo" at 24 49.3S 179 49.3E at 1522UTC on Nov 12. The yacht seems to have drifted in an easterly direction from its original position and will probably continue in that direction and then NE according to their drift models.

"Follow Me" got tangled with line from a search and rescue life raft that was also drifting nearby at 24 41S 179 59E. They punctured the raft to scuttle it but it is probably still afloat below the water surface and less visible. A second life raft has not yet been located.

Vessels approaching the area close to the above way points should pay attention, especially if motoring.

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