Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fromage and Fruit

We have been eating cheese twice a day in Noumea. Why? Because it is quite delicious - creamy Brie, earthy blues and spicy peppercorn Rondele - all served with fresh crusty baguettes - mmmmm! The cost is reasonable - about $3.50 for 250gm of Brie or Camembert and $1 for a baguette  Flavourful canned  Greek black olives imported from Morocco make a favourite accompaniment. You can see the results on my Buddha belly!

On the other hand, the price of fruit and vegetables makes me wince - apples, oranges and bananas cost around 50-60 cents each, aubergine, carrots, courgettes and onions all cost around $4/kg, a small head of cauliflower can set you back $6 and green peppers around $6/kg. Oh, how I miss those heaps of vegetables for $1-2 in Fiji markets. Being a vegetarian is tough in New Caledonia!

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