Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Noumea Aquarium Pics

A few photos from our trip a couple of weeks back to the excellent local aquarium.

The displays began with some fresh water fish

In one tank you could enter a tube in the centre of the tank

Sea horse

Anemone or soft coral

Coral under regular light

Coral fluorescing under UV light

Lion fish

Soft corals

Feisty little shrimp

More unusual corals

Baby lion fish

Humbug Dascyllus among corals

Leopard shark - we think

Big wrasse

Carved nautilus shells (photo of poster)

Naughty nautili mating. Their tank was almost black to simulate their real environment.  These creatures take 24 hours to complete their mating.

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hotspur said...

I like the naughty nautali