Monday, January 16, 2012

Postcard from the frozen north

While Captain Chris has been hiking in the sun, swimming with baby sealions, capsizing little Annie and snorkeling in balmy waters, I have been working in the small northern B.C. community of Hazelton. Here, the air is crisp, the ground is covered in snow and the days are short. The only time I see any daylight is during the  walk to work in the morning, at lunch break and on weekends! However, the views of the snow-capped mountains and frosted trees are stunning, especially when the sun shines ( at least one day this week!).

Bulkley River

Visiting  friends'  log home after snowshoe trek

I brought along my snowshoes and was pleased to finally get some much needed exercise this weekend.  A local friend drove us to the Kispiox Valley where we jumped a barbed wire fence and trekked to the Kispiox River, returning via a farmer's field and a fir tree grove. It was snowing all the while but visibility was pretty good and the temperature hovered around -5 degrees Celsius. It was cold enough to freeze my hands each time I removed my gloves to take a photo! We saw lots of moose tracks in the snow but no moose. During the winter they feed on the willow branches along the river's edge.

 Brigitta enjoying the winter fun

Old Fishing Cabin on the Kispiox River

Walking along the shore of the Kispiox

Horse home

Ancient truck 

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