Monday, February 16, 2009

A 2 boat family

Greetings from San Carlos, Guaymas. Things have been hectic here with boat buying, getting ready to launch, a survey, and a test sail. We are currently at anchor, living on our new boat and out of wifi range, hence the delay in updating the blog.

We now own 2 boats (or will when the money filters through to the seller). The Coast 34 is a big boat and the list of things we need to do is a bit intimidating but the basics are good - the engine checked out ok with good compression (but needing a valve adjustment). The sails, mast, and all rigging are virtually new. One of the sails needs recutting because it was built a bit to large for the roller fuller head stay. The head needs some work and the radar is not talking to its scanner... the list goes on. I just got the outboard motor sort of working (does not idle yet) after cleaning the plugs and removing and soaking the carburetor. This has allowed us to come into town to update the blog.

The weather here is quite a bit cooler than Mazatlan and we need two blankets at night. A wind gets up every afternoon and blows quite hard in the anchorage, so rowing an inflatable (our new dinghy) is not an option. The other day we stayed over at a friend's boat for 5 hours waiting for the wind to die before we could get back to our boat.

Ladybug is now for sale at Mazatlan Yachts ( We will miss her greatly and have decided to register our new boat as "Ladybug" also (we can do this because our Cal-29 Ladybug is not registered, but only licensed).

More news in the next few days when we have some time.


Ian Bull said...

congratulations on the new home!!!

sendageektoAustralia said...

Congradulations on the new boat Chis and Rani!!! I'll miss Ladybug I :-(

Steve said...

Good on ya, maties! Not unlike a couple of hermit crabs, right? Hope the new shell fits well!

Is that a Shannon? Cutter rig? Can't wait to see photos and more specs.

Steve & Jean
s/v Mystic - Cal 39
Kirkland, WA