Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sailing from Mexico to Canada via Hawaii

As I mentioned in previous posts, Ladybug is for sale in Mazatlan, Mexico (see www.mazmarine.com). If she does not sell by the end of April, I plan to sail her back to Victoria via Hawaii, departing in early May, spending a week or 2 in Hawaii and then arriving in BC in early July.

I am looking for one good person to join me for one or both legs (about one month for each leg). This would be a chance to unwind and get some great blue water sailing experience.

If you are interested in an adventure, please contact Chris at


Anonymous said...

Hi Rani ... mom (Ida) was thrilled to hear from you ...she would like you to contact her when you arrive back in BC so that she can arrange a time to come and see you... happy sailing !


Juanita said...

Hi Chris,

Happy 44th birthday! I hope you are spending your day in some glorious sunshine and with some fun people. I hope you have a great day!


Sean Falconer said...

I'd love to join you but as my current month long vacation is just coming to an end, it's probably not the best timing to leave on another one.