Friday, September 19, 2008

Eureka Continued

We are in Eureka still waiting for a fair wind to head south. This has given us a chance to explore more of the town and get a few repairs done. I am writing this blog from a public square in Eureka's old town where there are at least 3 open wifi connections.

We visited Eureka Zoo and the Sierra redwood forest yesterday by bicycle. Our folding bikes worked fine, but Rani is just learning to ride a bike and had a few issues with stopping at traffic lights and cross streets - a minor detail, which she solved by hopping off and walking the bike. I'm afraid I was a little impatient with the whole hop-off-and-walk thing as there must be 100 cross streets between us and the zoo. I ended up making supper and doing the dishes as penance for my impatience and Rani is practicing her cycling in the marina parking lot while the laundry cooks.

Today we had our first chance to try out our hair cutting skills. I am relieved to tell you that I did a better job on Rani's hair than she did on mine, or I most likely would be dictating this blog entry from a hospital bed. One of the skills we learned was to layer the hair, but I think Rani took this a bit literally with me and I have 3 very nice rows of hair on the back of my head. I will wear my ball cap for a week or 2... Pictures to follow if I am allowed to post them.

The latest thing to break on the boat is the top batten from the mainsail. This is a fiberglass rod that prevents the sail from flapping around. The local marine store had nothing close, but a fellow there suggested that a safety flag for a bicycle would probably work. Sure enough, the flag pole is exactly the right diameter and stiffness. At $5.75 for enough length to make 2 battens it's quite a steal! The other project on the go is to install an anchor light. This light will (hopefully) allow other boaters to see us when we are anchored at night and will be installed on a broom handle hose-clamped to the rear rail of the boat.

I'd better get home with the groceries - about a mile walk and a 10 minute row away....

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Steve said...

I admire anyone as resourceful as you guys. A bike flag pole used as a batten, a broomstick to mount an anchor light, "cooking" laundry!

Keep the well written details coming, they're very interesting.

Vicariously yours,
Steve and Jean, s/v Mystic