Monday, September 15, 2008


We anchored in Eureka a few hours ago. Definitely in California - lots of cafes full of insanely overpriced lattes and plenty of inter-planetary people. An astonishingly expensive Coop food store next door to an open air drop in center. Very nice downtown - kind of like Market Square in Victoria. Walking around, it smells like the bud is as popular here as in Victoria. We plan to check out the historical Victorian mansions which house museums and art galleries tomorrow and maybe do some kayaking around the little islands ( Indian and Woodley ) close to our anchorage in the Humboldt River. No sign of the sun yet, unfortunately.

Did a lot of motoring last night to get here as the winds have disappeared - motored for as many hours in total as we had the previous 4 weeks! Will hang out here for a few days until the north winds return. The map shows Coos Bay as well as Eureka. Not far apart by car but many days by sailboat! Next stop will likely be Fort Bragg although we may do a longer run towards San Fransisco.


Margaret-Anne (Peggy) Storey said...

Great to read your updates Ladybug! Stay safe and happy !

peter_b said...


Great to read you are underway. I am very jealous, sat here at my 9-5!!! Bridget & I still talk about meeting the pair of you and how warm and welcoming you were - thanks. We continued our holiday in Seattle (Like Vancouver without the style!!!!) and then back to Vancouver - nice city. I managed to have another sail in Vancouver courtesy of Hunter Boats on a very nice 38 footer. Just been to the Southampton boat show here in UK and fallen in love with a Bavaria 38 - all I need now is the $200,000 to buy it and some decent cruising water - I can dream.

You seem to be making good progress, give my regards to SF - a city I love. When you want a holiday to recover you will always be welcome in York. All the best and fair winds

Peter and Bridget xxx