Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A slew of pictures from the little camera

We finally borrowed a windows laptop to download the pictures from our small camera...

Bradey's Beach, Bamfield

Bradey's Beach scene (Bamfield)

Bradey's Beach scene (Bamfield)

Heron in peaceful water at Bamfield

Wouwer Island, Barclay Sound

Retrieving L'il Bugger after she untied herself

Up the mast inspecting rigging and adding a flag halyard

Rani up the mast getting experience with heights and rigging

Effingham Island, Barkley Sound - Thanks for the shirt, Maureen!

Carson Mansion in Eureka

Lubricating the steering

Fisherman's Memorial - Eureka

Mural outside the performing arts building, Eureka

Chasing gulls at Salmon Creek near Bodega Bay

Teeter Totter at Salmon Creek Beach

Dune scene near Bodega Bay

Elephant Seals in Drake's Bay

Hiking out to Chimney Rock on Pont Reyes (Drake's Bay)

Point Reyes

San Francisco Cable Car

Our room mate at Pier 39

In San Francisco at Pier 39 Celebrating


seanf said...

Awesome pics.

It was nice to chat briefly this morning. Keep the updates coming. I like living vicariously through you guys, especially as the Victoria gray weather moves in.

Andrew and Judy said...

Andrew and Judy send you good wishes for happy sailing and many occasions to enjoy splicing the mainbrace.Weather here is very fall like--damp and overcast. We are enjoying your photographs and blog. Maybe it could be published as a west-coast Joshua Slocum though before publishing the haircut (male version only) needs editing.Envy you!

Juanita said...

Hi Chris and Rani,

What a fabulous trip so far! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog (Fraiser passed the link to Curtis who passed on the link to me). The photos and stories are wonderful and I'm so impressed that you both took that leap and did this.

Looking forward to your future postings.

Juanita and Barry