Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photos from our first 2 months in New Zealand

Following are some pictures from our visit to Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf plus a couple from the Whangarei area (McLeod Bay)

View from our friends Jo and Rob's window in McLeod Bay. Ladybug is anchored in the bay  in the centre of the image.

Boat sailing into Auckland, off Devonport

Mount Manaia from Jo and Rob' s home - a wonderful hike

Auckland waterfront

Sky city tower from the anchorage south of the Bay Bridge  in Auckland

In the lava tubes on Rangitoto volcanic island
Lava tubes on Rangitoto Island
Lava flow - Rangitoto Island

Pohutukawa  (Christmas) tree in flower

Hiking on Kawau Island

Weka - flightless bird on Kawau Island

Old glass at the remains of a dairy on Kawau Island (replaced as found, of course!)

Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island

View from the mansion window 

Tree ferns  towering over Chris - Kawau Island

Old  Pohutukawa Tree on Kawau Island - note the gnarly aerial roots

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