Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photos from Heiva in Tahaa

A few photos from the Heivas we attended in Tahaa. The singers and dancers had come from the neighboring islands to take part. Most were billeted nearby and a frequent site was a bus load of colorfully costumed Polynesians passing us as we hiked the 4 kms from where we anchored our boat to the site of the festival. The lighting was difficult, so some of the pictures are a bit grainy.

Powerful drumming accompanies all the dancing.

We met Herman before the show when he served Chris a plate of the food that was provided for all the dancers and spectators. He is a chief dancer and leads a group of men in the various moves.

A vanilla vine at the agricultural exhibit.

I think these are 'greater yams'.

Tahaa drummers

Tahaa drummers

Offerings of produce

Singers always sit during their group himenes.

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