Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arrived in Suwarrow

We are anchored in the small atoll of Suwarrow - a Cook Island administered as a national park. Position: 13 14.8 S 163 06.5 W We were the 21st boat here when we dropped the hook early this morning - some kind of record for number of cruising boats, I think.

The passage took almost exactly 6 days, with a brief wait this morning for enough light to enter the pass. Ladybug ran 720 miles to make good about 660 for an average speed of 5 knots. Not a fast passage, but given lighter following winds, we are happy with our fat little boat's performance.

We plan to stay a week or more here to snorkel the unspoiled corals and enjoy the reefs and beaches of Anchorage island. To balance all the dry, boat maintenance related posts, Rani has promised to write something interesting soon.


genesisincalmh2o said...

Hi Rani and Chris. I am still enjoying your adventures.
I have friends from Victoria that are also out there in the South Pacific. The boats name Longshot II. They are a kids boat. Keep an eye out for them.
Keep up the great blogs and look forward to meeting up with you some dY.

Sukhi Jackson said...

Your nieces, Sabi,Sukhi and Sandy are all looking at the super pics of you both whilst eating cupcakes!!! Love you lots xxxx

Naomi said...

Wow - we're so envious - this was one of our favorite stops. Enjoy!! We can't wait to read of all the exploring you do! Naomi and John. SV RENOVA.