Friday, June 14, 2013

First photos from Fiji

Rani exercises during the NZ to Fiji crossing

Chris playing uke on a quieter day during the crossing. Bracing  legs was necessary just to stay on the settee.

Arrival at Savusavu

Yay - Land!

Copra shed marina at Savusavu

Waitui marina - these were the folks we took a mooring from - $10 Fijian per day (about $6 Canadian)

Local boys use a bamboo marina to cross to the island

Charisma arrived a week before us after a very rough passage.

Sunset over Vanua Levu from our cockpit

Saturday at the market in Savusavu - very busy!

We bought one of the melons here - 1 Fiji dollar - 60 Canadian cents for a small one.

We also bought a large pineapple and 6 bundles of Kava roots which we will use when going to smaller villages to do sevu sevu (an introductory gift/ceremony).

Andre's Symbiosis anchored just behind us in the harbour at Savusavu

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