Friday, June 14, 2013

Last Photos From New Zealand

Following are a few photos from our last weeks in New Zealand.

Possum visits Ladybug in Docklands 5 work yard

I shooed it away, but it came back to see what the fuss was about. Photo taken inside our cabin looking out with possum looking in.

We enjoyed a last weekend with Holger and Roz at their lovely farm.

Fresh veggies - some from the HomePort gardens

Rani picks hot peppers with Roz.

Rat Bag frees herself from the navigation buoy she dragged onto one windy night in the river near Whangarei. 

Annie Hill visited us and I asked her to sign my much-read copy of her fantastic book - "Voyaging on a  Small Income"- our cruising bible.

Annie Hill's 26 foot junk-rigged boat - ''Fantail'' was anchored just upstream from us.

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