Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mana Island Walk and Snorkel

We had a full day today snorkeling on the reef just off the beach here where no fishing is allowed. The fish are plentiful and there are more varieties than we have seen anywhere else in Fiji. The visibility was not bad and improved as the wind died out this morning.

We always see these little fish in among the corals in pairs.


Squid detail

And another squid shot

Not sure of the name of this fish

Moorish idols

These fish puff their fins out like this when alarmed

Military style camouflage

The reef was home to many larger schools

Later we went for a hike around about half the island following volcanic rock shelves and beaches including the spectacular Sunset Beach on the island's west coast.

Fisherman hand lining.

Heron in flight

Romantic walk

Our guest, Chris took this nice shot

These shelves made walking around the island easy.

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