Monday, September 30, 2013

Farewell to Our Guests

We dropped our guests, Chris and Vladka off at the sea wall in Lautoka yesterday after a peaceful day sail from Mana Island in light winds that ranged from southeast to northwest. The four days we spent with them were a lot of fun. We enjoyed sharing with them what it is like to cruise on a sailboat and they were great guests, pitching in with the cooking, cleaning, and sailing.

Here are a few more photos from our stay at Mana Island. Most of the underwater pictures were taken on the reef outside the pass into the Mana island lagoon.

Vladka and Chris pose for a couple shot

Mushroom coral - photo taken by our guests

Vladka enjoying a swim on a very calm day

Damsel fish

Lagoon triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus), also known as the blackbar triggerfish, or Picasso triggerfish.

I think this is a wrasse of some sort.

This fellow is quite large and has the most striking contrasting colours - oriental sweetlips.

The reef outside the pass at Mana had very clear water and some larger schools of fish like these convict surgeonfish.

Nurse shark. We also saw an octopus on this reef

I like this shot of Chris and Vladka upside down

It was nice to have someone else take a few pictures of us as a couple.

Sunset at Lautoka

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