Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Recovering in the Bay of Islands

The problem with booking a flight months in advance is that it can make you do silly things. Rani leaves on Saturday for Canada, so she has less than a week here to visit with friends and get herself organized for the trip home and a follow-on trip to the UK to visit her family. After our arrival and less than 2 hours sleep we spent a full day exploring Russel with our friends Holger and Roz. The next day we joined them on a drive to Whangarei Heads where we visited their farm at Home Port, did a little work around the garden, and enjoyed their beautiful property, which is set back from the sea with sweeping views of old growth forest. We also crammed in a visit with Rob and Jo (off Blue Moon) who are finishing up the construction of their spa and B&B just down the road from Home Port.

The next day, both our bodies said ENOUGH and we slept in and had a day 'off'spent with Rani trying to organize things for her visit to Canada while I cleaned and polished all the stainless steel fittings on the boat. Do you have any idea how much stainless steel can be found on a typical cruising boat? It took 10 hours of cleaning with an oxalic acid mixture and I still have half the wind vane and several blocks and fittings to do. Then these all have to be polished to slow down recurrence of rust staining. I have a list of 37 projects to complete on the boat and plan to tackle at least 1 a day for the next couple of months. Some are large and some a few hours long - nothing major.

Last year Rani left New Zealand without saying good bye to the friends with whom we had spent a a good part of a year crossing the Pacific. So, this year, we are busy filling the calendar with potlucks, meetings in bars and restaurants, and drinks on various boats. At last count we will try to fit in 6 engagements in the next couple of days. Then Rani has a bus booked from Opua to Auckland where she flies to Vancouver on Saturday evening. I will stay on the boat and work on boat projects while we figure out what we will do next year. 

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