Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Few Boat Pictures

Ladybug is still anchored in Whangaroa where we have had a day of rain (I have newly laundered clothes to prove this) and some gusty winds that saw several boats drag and re-anchor last night.

On Christmas day, another Coast 34 - style boat (actually a custom built version called the Roberts 341) anchored next to Ladybug. Jason and Maria are about to embark on an extended voyage with their two boys Luke (9) and George (11) on "Allure of New Zealand". The boat was 27 years in the making. A previous owner built the hull and partially fitted out the interior starting in 1985 and spanning 20 years. Jason has spent a good part of the last seven years finishing off the interior with a diesel engine from a tractor, drawers and cupboards, a liner for the ceiling, and electronics and electrical systems. He has also welded up all the metalwork on the exterior and rigged her as a cutter. She is lovely inside, finished in various blonde NZ woods and teak with a very nicely built hull. Even though her original construction dates from when Ladybug was born, she was launched last year and looks brand new.

Allure of New Zealand anchored at Whangaroa

I also came across this lovely wooden schooner while on passage to Whangaroa. I believe she does day charters out of Paihia.

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