Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Good News about the Rigging

We had a rig inspection done today by Hamish from Cater Marine and he gave us a clean bill of health. He assured us that the light ripples in the tapered section of the mast are the normal results from the welding process. The mast taper is produced by cutting a section out of a straight mast and welding this mast section back together with multiple passes. The heat from the welding distorts the aluminum producing regular waves.  Hamish also told us that the rigging looked to be very well done and in good shape as well as being a little over-sized for our boat. We were very relieved to hear this!

We are having new running back stays made up because we found hairline cracks in the swages on the old ones. Once these are back in place we should be good to go.

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genesisincalmh2o said...

Chris and Rani
When and what flight does Rani come in on in YVR. I would love to meet her at the airport for a tea if she has time.
PS. Mike and I bought a catamaran .