Sunday, December 22, 2013

Swimming with Dolphins

I had the most amazing experience in the north bay of Motukawanui
Island (the largest of the Cavalli Islands). A pod of dolphins arrived
in the bay shortly after I anchored and spent the next couple of hours
swimming around the bay staying close to Sueno, a Canadian catamaran
anchored closer to the beach. I got in the water and swam with the
dolphins when they came over to visit Ladybug. These are the largest
dolphins I have seen and were quite curious, calling and whistling,
jumping and even walking backwards across the water using powerful
thrusts of their tails. There were two or three calves and the whole
pod numbered about 12. Following are some pics mainly underwater but a
few taken from water level at the surface.



Rani xox said...

Magic! Wish I had been there too!

Bruce Richard Parsons said...

Special times, and so few of the worlds kids there to enjoy the experience. Thanks for sharing, all my years of freediving, there have only been a handfull of dolphin times, and none with a camera. Keep enjoying the mtns and sea