Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Suwarrow Pictures

We are finally getting around to posting some pictures from our delightful stay at Suwarrow.  More information can be found in earlier posts. The pictures below are from pot-lucks, a bird-watching trip, and swimming with mantas.

Anchorage at Suwarrow - Anchorage Island

Harry and Ants (Anthony) at the Caretaker's Lodge

Ants and Harry cook in a separate shelter. Because they had no propane , they were using a cement oven and fires for cooking. The Cook Island authorities messed up their food delivery, leaving them without half of their groceries, so the yachties tried to help out with potlucks and invitations for meals on board.

Wine tasting on the beach - Chris at the bar with John and Pat of  s/v The Rose

Typical pot-luck on the beach
Great singing and strumming from Tom of s/v Barraka and friends

Harry was a professional musician in New Zealand. He played us traditional cook island melodies as well as more recent tunes.

Both Ants and Harry gave the cruisers a talk on their culture and history.

Statue of Tom Neal who lived on Suwarrow alone for many years.
Rainbow over Barraka

Damawhil - The mega-yacht that we visited. Note the scale with the very small crew-member on the foredeck.
Nesting booby

We think this is a tropic bird chick

Frigate bird colony

Baby Frigate and what we think is a mother bird

Immature Frigate Bird
Manta approaching cleaning station (photo courtesy s/v Victory)

Rani diving down to get a closer look (photo courtesy of Jan Bart s/v Victory)

"If only I could be as graceful"- Rani

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