Sunday, December 2, 2012

Opua and Whangerei

Ladybug is still at anchor in Opua off the marina. Rani flew home to the UK a couple of days ago and is currently in Dubai doing some sight-seeing on route. I guess she did not get her fill of travelling in the last 8 months!

I am working on  much needed boat projects including replacing the life lines (one of which broke on a recent passage) and upgrading our solar panel installation from lashed on broom handles to stainless steel tubing. There are a dozen smaller projects as well as the unpleasant task of re-bedding our leaking genoa track, which requires much dismantling below decks to reach all bolts that go through the deck.

I plan to sail down to Whangerei where our friends Jo and Rob off 'Blue Moon' are building a health retreat. They have offered me the use of a mooring beside their boat in McCleod Bay. I will visit with them and do work in the boat there before heading out to the islands nearer to Christmas.

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