Saturday, January 3, 2015

En Route to the South Island

Brian, the new owner is on board and we are currently anchored in Whangaroa awaiting a suitable weather window for the voyage up around the North Cape and down the west coast of the North Island. This trip should take about 5 days if we have fair winds. The long range weather forecast shows Thursday as a good day to depart but weather models change so we may leave sooner or later than this.

A few last pictures from the Christmas/New Years cruise. The first two were taken in Whangaroa area on a bush whacking hike I took with Holger, while Roz sensibly did something else on the boat.

Road maintenance crew missing in action

Holger demonstrates how sheep get under electric fences.

The next few pictures were taken from the area near Marsden Cross the site of the first Christian missionary settlement and church service, which occurred here almost exactly 200 years ago. There is a new walking trail here with interpretive signs and stunning view points.

View towards Te Pahi Islands from near the Marsden Cross. 

Panorama looking over what I believe was the first white land grant in New Zealand. The Maori believed they were just letting the settlers use the land where the whites believed they now owned it!

Chapel built to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of 1814 Christmas service.

Ladybug at rest - framed by Pohutukawa flowers and leaves

Pohutukawa tree - known locally as Christmas trees, because they bloom at this time of year.

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