Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rotis and Routes

On this eve of our departure to New Zealand, we ran through our 14 point "to do" list in a very tranquil anchorage. Most importantly we inspected the standing and running rigging, fixed the leaking portlight which dripped saltwater over the settee during our last passage and re-enforced the lines which hold the solar panels and wind-vane steering in place.

We also held a pre-passage meeting yesterday with other yachtie friends who are leaving from Vava'u to discuss the weather and route strategy. Everyone is keen to leave as soon as possible and while a few were ready to depart today, most of us had to re-provision and will depart tomorrow or Monday. The forecast looks good with moderate winds and seas for up to one week. Of course, the wind is a fickle friend and depending on the dance between the highs and lows of barometric pressure, it may become overly enthusiastic or desert us altogether. The main thing is to keep abreast of the meteorological reports spanning more than a thousand miles. Over the next two weeks, we shall be staying in touch with David from Gulf Harbour Radio, NZ, and downloading grib files (computer generated wind and sea states) and some friends are receiving personal weather routing.

I had the enviable task of galley duty, preparing some simple meals to eat during the next couple of days while the swells may not be conducive to culinary creations. As a result we have a large container of hummous, fourteen plain rotis, a saucepan of lentil, chaco and carrot stew, and some cut mangoes, papaya and pineapple for dessert. There was not enough to bake the almond cookies, so hopefully there will be quiet days at sea to do so.

On a positive note, the people on Windigo, the boat we reported as being rolled a few days ago during the deep low, have been rescued and are on their way to New Zealand. The boat was abandoned and is apparently still floating, so we will be on the look out for it on our passage through that area.

Anyway - we are ready! So wish us good luck and we will be on our way after breakfast tomorrow. We will try to post a daily position report and check into the Pacific Drifters Net on SSB 8131 USB at 0715 and 1730 local NZ time.

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