Friday, November 30, 2012

Pictures from Vava'u

Some pictures from our stay in the delightful island group of Vava'u, Tonga. We stayed in a dozen anchorages throughout these islands for about 7 weeks.

Peaceful anchorage off Nuku island

Vines in the forest. We found a great walk across Vaka 'eitu island to a private surf-washed beach.

Blue Linckia Sea Star on the reef at Euakafa island

Beach walk at Euakafa island

Village walk - Ofu island

Little girls threading Plumeria flowers to make sweet scented leis at Ofu Island

A co-operative group weaving pandanus mats at Ofu Island

Children on the main road on Ofu island.  

Gathering fallen mangoes while hiking on Ofu

Typical fishing boat - Ofu island

On the veranda at the Aquarium restaurant in Neiafu, celebrating Rani's 50th

Brad and Gloria off 'Kindred Spirit' helped us celebrate Rani's 50th in Neiafu

Chris, Marni, and Mike (from 'Picara') watch the surf between Kenutu and Lolo islands

Sea weed at Kenutu island

Shells at Kenutu island

Corals at Lolo island

Tree house on Kenutu

View from the south end of Kenutu

Karen from 'Chapter 2' ready to enter Swallow's Cave

Swallow's Cave with genuine Tongan graffiti (some dating to the 19th century)

Chris, Rani, andd Mike from 'Chapter 2' in  Swallow's Cave - thanks to 'Chapter 2' for the pictures of Swallow's Cave.

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