Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drying out and Squall Prep - Day 21

We are currently sailing in a world of towering cumulus clouds, squalls, and rainbows.

Most of yesterday was spent going through the long term 'dry' locker (a misnomer on a boat, surely), which was the recipient of a gallon or two of sea water in the previous evening's squall. Rani removed all the items, soaked up and bailed out standing water, and wiped everything down. I made water with our water maker and washed the sheets, towels, sail bags, etc. The boat was pandemonium all day with 6 months of food and all the 'stuff' that accumulates in a V-berth spread out to air. Of note is that, due to Rani's excellent packing, we ended up with sea water infiltrating only 2 bags of sugar. The result is kind of like salt water taffy and I look forward to an extra ration of sweets...

We were much better prepared last night and had 2 reefs in the main all night with the hatches battened down and a vigilant radar watch. Of course we had no direct hits from squalls of any size and made miserable progress in very light airs. Early this morning the wind disappeared completely and a rolly swell began to toss Ladybug on her ear. We turned on the engine and motored for the longest period to date - about 6.5 hours! We saw a SE wind return this morning and are encouraged by reports from boats to the south that this has been consistent now for 24 hours.

Our position at 14:30 Zulu on April 10 was 02 56 S 132 43 W. We sailed/motored 91 miles in the previous 24 and are 521 miles out of Hiva Oa.


Doug and Lyneita said...

You are both amazing!!! 21 days and you are both so resilient in the wide range of conditions you have experienced. Bravo! You're almost there - what seems like will take for ever now, will be a dream so soon. I'm happy you are taking the very best out of every day. I look forward to reading your entries every day and re-experiencing some of our own adventures through you. Thank you. Can't wait for the pictures and video. All the best, Lyneita

hotspur said...

Thinking of you both and hoping you are dryer today!