Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Little Universe

These days we live in our own little universe. It is an ever changing universe of mainly two colours - blue and white and all shades thereof. The ocean varies from the Royal Blue of a sunny day like today to the dusky indigo of the early evening. In the moonlit night it becomes molten silver and graphite grey. Night or day, it is always laced with white. It heaves and pulses like the living beast it is, the energy in it's belly speaking of unpredictable power.

The sky above is of different hues of blue. The baby blue at the sea surface deepens a few shades as one gazes higher. Fluffy cotton clouds hang picturesquely in this ceiling like the trail of a steam engine. On the horizon all around us they coalesce and are interlaced with grey. When the sun sets these same benign clouds will appear darker and evil. It is little wonder that mankind through the ages has worshipped the sun, the bringer of light and goodness.

Ladybug is bouncing alone in this universe like a puppy on a short leash. We know there are other other sailboats within a hundred mile radius but we have not seen any for 16 days. We live in a Water World.

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Linzy Thorpe said...

Ha Guys,
Jo and Rob have just forwarded me your Blog so here I am.Its a great read !! You are doing so well. Have also been following Buena Vista's blog as you can image a passage that is very dear to our hearts.I had a great 50th with Jo and Rob here in NZ. will be keeping an eye on you guys and hope to catch up down here some time soon.
Take Linzy and Cath.
PS. Say Hi to Don and Debs and tell them if you Boil Booby for 5 hrs with a small stone. The stone will taste great.