Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pictures from the Crossing to the Marquesas

Twenty six pictures for the 26 (well 25 and a bit) days. The detailed text for these pictures can be found in previous radio posted blog entries. The photos show a mix of wildlife, weather, repair work, and celebration.

Dolphins in the bow wave

Approaching squall

Tanker passing at dusk

Blue water swim

Fixing a bulkhead bonding problem with thickened epoxy

Red footed booby on the solar panel

Flying fish rigor mortis

Baby flying fish - these fish landed on board ranging in size from an inch to 9 or 10 inches

Fixing a leak in the rudder steering tube

Fixing another leak in the traveller bolts through the coach roof.

Rani boning up on her French.

Strumming near the equator 

Getting the bubbly ready for equator celebration

Equator GPS - a bit late as we were toasting and bribing Poseidon

One for Poseidon, one for us

Sweetened rice offering to the Gods

Cleaning up after the squall (we left a hatch open!)

Squall in real life

Same squall on radar

Amazing squall area clouds

More squall clouds

Approaching Hiva Oa - We use a free chart software (OpenCPN) as back up to paper charts

Happy to see land!

Approaching Hiva Oa

The hook is down in  Taahuku  Bay, Hiva Oa

The anchorage at Taahuku

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