Monday, November 24, 2008

Off to San Diego

We have been enjoying the town of Dana Point for the last 4 days. We met up with friends whom Rani knew from her days in Windsor, Ontario and a friend of Chris's from LA over the weekend. It was great to spend a few hours in their company and we enjoyed showing them our little world.

Dana Point is named for Richard Henry Dana ("Two Years Before the Mast") and boasts some impressive cliffs from which Dana loaded hides into a sailing ship. The sailors would throw the hides off the cliffs and those that got hung up would require that a sailor be lowered on the end of a rope to free them! The cliffs are now covered in multi-million dollar homes and gated communities - a huge improvement over what Dana saw in the 1830's - NOT!

People have been pretty helpful and friendly here, including the Sheriff and staff who have visited us twice on Ladybug to make sure we don't hang around too long. There is a 5 day limit to anchoring here (3 days in other nearby ports) so we have an incentive to keep moving at a reasonable pace :)

More when we get into San Diego...


Francis said...

Dear Chris & Rani,

Nice to know you are following us...our boat is in Baja Naval in Ensenada we which we highly recommend. Hope to see you soon, get in touch with Francis when you arrive (he is on the boat most days) & you can visit us at our house.


Beth & Francis (& Drisanna & Rollie Pollie)

Francis said...

Also we recommend Mission Bay & Mission Beach on the way!