Sunday, November 9, 2008

A movie and pics from Santa Barbara & Santa Cruz Island

We shot a short movie while sailing the 20+ mile wide channel to Santa Cruz Island. See this Youtube video.

Next, a few pictures from Santa Barbara:

View from the law courts tower showing typical roof lines. Red tile is mandated in some areas of Santa Barbara.

Detail from fountain outside the law courts in Santa Barbara

Carving over the entrance to the Santa Barbara library. The crests are from other famous libraries in Paris, Oxford, etc.

Detail from the "Portrait of Mexico" mural outside the art gallery in Santa Barbara.

Plaque on the wall of historic adobe building in Santa Barbara. I read Dana's book a while ago but recall vividly his descriptions of loading hides down the sides of cliffs along the rugged California coast. Modern yacht harbours make life on this coast much easier for sailors!

Rani visited with her cousins and nephews, Sita, Raj, Dara, and Sher:

Sita and Sher visiting Ladybug in Santa Barbara

Sher and Rani out trick-or-treating. Rani had a pretty good haul but earned it by telling her infamous wolf story to frighten the kids.

Rani counting her loot.

Dara and Rani at Channel Islands Harbour (on board ladybug).

Sher tries his hand rowing L'il Bugger.

A few shots from Santa Cruz Island;

Ladybug, Mariposa, and 3 fishing boats sheltering from strong Northwest winds at Fry's Harbour

Chris 'climbing' near Fry's Harbour

Eric and Sarka on Mariposa with L'il Bugger and Chris in the foreground. This couple are sailing from Sausalito bound for Peurto Vallarta. We enjoyed a potluck and a celebration of Obama's victory with Eric and Sarka. Their boat, a Baba 35 cutter is beautifully maintained and the all teak interior is lit by brass kerosene lanterns - very cosy.

And one picture that gives an impression of Channel Islands Harbour:

Canal style development in Channel Islands Harbour (Oxnard). We are currently moored near here in the municipal marina.

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