Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Coast 34 Owners web site created

Together with Doug Swanson of Ka'sala, we have started a new site dedicated to the Coast 34 sailboat (of which Ladybug II is an example). The site, which can be found at contains a list of Coast 34 owners and information about the boat. We may add a forum to allow discussion, but for now, owners and others are welcome to comment on the site or provide us with feedback via email.

Coast 34 Cutter


Rosebud said...

My wife and I own Rosebud, we have owned her since 2004. We have just re powered and would be interested if any other owners out there would like to see what we did.
As you know most of the coast 34's are over the weight listed in the specs. Ours is just under 20,000 lbs and the 24 hp yanmar was not enough to give us hull speed. So we re powered with a Beta 38 with a few engine cover modifications. Now we have no trouble. If any owner is interested e-mail
Peter Brown

Chris Bennett said...

Hello Peter,

Our Coast weighed about 10 metric tons when last weighed (with fuel water and 4 years of cruising gear on board). We have a 24 hp Yanmar and do quite not reach hull speed probably due to over-pitching of our prop. I suspect other Coast 34 owners would be very interested in what you did. I will contact you directly to discuss putting some info up in the Coast 34 Owners web site.