Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back in the water

We splashed a couple of days ago with new bottom paint, polished propeller, and new zincs. Due to the rain we did not have time to finish painting the sheer stripe.

There was an area on the skeg (the appendage that secures the rudder under the water) where water had got in below the outer laminate. I peeled this off, dried it out, and relaminated a layer of mat with epoxy and then another layer of thickened epoxy to even things out.

We are currently back in McLeod Bay on a mooring waiting for a weather window and finishing up last minute projects.

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Visits Rimpac said...

Glad to hear you made it back okay. We ended our chapter with the boat, sold it last Tuesday, Sharon and I are retiring and moving back to the Ottawa Valley so the boat had to go - sad not to be a boat owner.