Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures from San Diego and Ensenada

We made it to Ensenada. I took 2 days and we ran into some very powerful Santa Ana winds on the first day that came up suddenly and caught us with the big jib up. We sought refuge in Descanso Bay and continued the next day to Ensenada where we anchored for a day and cleared into customs (a 3 hour process including a trip back to the boat for the outboard serial #!). Anyway - we are now legal in Mexico and getting used to struggling with Spanish and various culture shocks. Pics below are from our stay in San Diego and visits with friends and relatives. Thanks to our hosts for a great 2 weeks!

Anchorage view at sunset in San Diego

America's cup yacht - a bit faster than us!

Midway Aircraft carrier

View from our anchorage in San Diego

2 Indians in old town San Diego

Chris in old town San Diego

Penguins and whale bones from Robert Bateman (a Canadian artist who lives near our home on Vancouver Island) exhibition

Cranes from exhibition

Toad from exhibition

Dave and Michelle's gigantic home theatre

Ralph, Michelle, and David on Ladybug

Colton and Alexi towing behind in Lil' Bugger

Dave, Michelle, and ALexi on Ladybug

Alexi, Ralph (Dave's friend since highschool), Colton and Ben

Dave, our host, and neighbor, Lilia

Michelle, Colton, and Alexi + Rani - our gracious hostess and family

Chris caught in the act of running to the grocery store in a Monster Truck

Balboa Park architecture - San Diego

Giant kiss

Putting up Christmas Lights

Californiascope - kaleidescope

Waterfront sculpture - San Diego

America's cup racer giving tourists a thrill

Tanya, Tony's better half, and Chris

Tony - Rani's cousin, at the helm

Ship delivering sports fishing boats

Village near our Descanso Bay anchorage

Statue at Cathedral in Ensenada

Little girl in traditional costume

Rani enjoying a roasted corn cob

Ensenada market during festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Ensenada square - president's heads

Our crazy friends Beth, Drisanna, and Francis from SV Butukia


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I've just goggled Francis Madden and found your blog. I can't believe I'm seeing a photo of him after 20 years! My name is Laurie Gough and I knew Francis in Tavenuni. I've written about him in my book, "Kite Strings of the Southern Cross: A Woman's Travel Odyssey". I wonder how I can find him? Anyway, thanks for posting the photo!
Laurie Gough

Chris Bennett said...

Hi Laurie,

Drop me an email and I will see if I can find contact info for Francis. You can drop me a line at crbennet at gmail.