Friday, December 5, 2008

Shopping and Visiting Friends in San Diego

We are still here in San Diego! First of all, it's a great place for cruisers to buy provisions before crossing the border. Secondly, there are a number of anchorages around the bay to encourage transients to stay in the city and we are fortunate to have family and friends nearby.

We moved to the cruisers' anchorage near the Coast Guard Station on Harbor Island last Saturday after an eventful sailing afternoon with Rani's cousin Tony and his wife Tanya. We experienced our first real problem with the outboard engine that day as we were leaving the slip on Shelter Island. The engine kept sputtering out but we managed to leave the marina under sail into a very busy bay under control and without attracting too much attention.

Anyone and everyone who has a sail boat here was out enjoying San Diego Bay on that breezy Saturday afternoon in their vessel and we had a lovely sail weaving in and out of the traffic. There were old schooners and America's Cup racing yachts with their 11-story high masts and gossamer sails speeding by with photo snapping tourists on board for an exciting tour of the harbour. We sailed past the San Diego Maritime Museum with its collection of historic ships, including the Star of India built in 1863, and the USS Midway Museum, a naval aircraft carrier which had served in Vietnam and WW2.

We dropped Tony and Tanya off under sail at the Police Dock on Shelter Island and that was not so smooth as we crushed one of our fenders in the process while coming alongside. However, we made it in one piece into the Cruisers Anchorage and Chris found the problem with the motor, dirt in the fuel line, and we have a working engine again.

On Tuesday, Rani's friend Michelle picked us up for a few days' visit with their family and gave us the use of their spare Buick to go shopping for hardware and other provisions. We plan to leave next Tuesday for Ensenada.

Photos to follow....

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Sarka said...

Hello Ladybugs! Nice to read your blog. We are in Turtle Bay now. We hope to see you soon again! Eric & Sarka