Monday, October 14, 2013

Pasage to New Caledonia - Day 3

The wind dropped below 20 knots yesterday morning around the time of our check in to the SSB radio 'Drifter's Net'. The seas evened out and began to decrease, too, and by nightfall, the wind clocked around into the northeast. We had been expecting this based on the automated weather forecast data we download via the radio. Because the wind was now behind us (we are heading southwest) and becoming light, it was no longer feasible to sail our desired course. We hoisted the main sail, and gradually shook out the reefs. Later in the day we turned to the south to keep the sails filled to steady the boat and keep her moving along.

Yesterday was the first day we have been able to cook and eat normally and we even managed to watch a movie after dinner - Key Largo - a Bogart and Becall classic. Despite the lighter winds we made 148 miles in 24 hours. We are currently about 260 miles from Havannah Channel - our entrance into the reef at Grand Terre, New Caledonia. That puts us more than half way across!

Our position at 0600 on Oct 15 is 20 39 S 171 35 E

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Ann Adams said...

Sounds like life got a lot better with this post! We are very happy for you! 148 miles in a 24 hour period is awesome!

Great to say hi to you on the net just now.