Monday, July 6, 2009

Pictures and Videos from Hilo to BC

A few videos and pictures from Hilo, the trip across, and Victoria (pics are in reverse chronological order):

Sailing downwind with jib poled out:

Video during the gale shot from inside the dodger. Running under bare poles:

Video during the gale looking aft. Running under bare poles:

Chris and Judy James - I am staying in their slip at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club while they decide if they will purchase Ladybug.

Ladybug safe and sound at the RVYC. Jim Allen, who helped me buy Ladybug, commented that she looks like she just came back from a trip to the Gulf Islands.

Cruise ship I met about 300 miles off Cape Flattery.

Aft starboard shroud has begun to fail.

Repair to shroud that got us home (I sailed mainly on the port tack to keep pressure off the starboard shroud).

Trying to dry out the autopilot.

Japanese gardens in Hilo

More Japanese gardens in Hilo

Hilo park

Hilo park

Sunken boat - this was my neighbor in Radio Bay, Hilo

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