Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Climbing Mount Doom re-post with better pics

We hiked the open half of the Tongariro crossing a few days ago and put in a side trip up Mount Ngauruhoe, which was used as Mount Doom in some scenes from Lord of the Rings. It was Rani's dream to do this hike since her last backpacking trip to New Zealand in 1997. We were fortunate with the weather as the sunshine and blue sky added to the enjoyment.

Near the start of the Tongariro crossing hike.

Starting up the scree field of Mount Ngauruhoe (aka Mount Doom)

View across the scree field back towards the red crater

Rani and Chris at the crater summit

Rani climbing up beside the scree field

Rani and David (an Irish hiker we met on this climb) at the plateau below the crater 
Crater view
Another crater view

Chris and David head back down

I think this is the actual summit - above the crater.
Rani screes downhill

Back down again - the scree field is the area to the right with the light 'scree runs'

Continuing to the Emerald Lakes lookoff

Lunch break over-looking Emerald Lakes

Heading down for a better view of the lakes

Red Crater with Mount Doom behind

Mount Ngauruhoe is always present on this hike

We climbed that!

Crossing a 1975 lava flow on the way back

Did I mention that we climbed that?!

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