Monday, March 10, 2014

Off to Canada

I am now back in Canada, leaving Ladybug in the capable hands of my friends Jo and Rob in McLeod Bay. Preparing her for her extended stay in New Zealand took a good part of 5 days. The picture below shows the interior 1 day before departure, drying out the spinnaker after rinsing it, packing, and folding other sails. A bit crowded!

This blog will be quiet for a while. We plan to return to New Zealand for the next cruising season.


Ann Adams said...

Safe travels. I am sure Ladybug will miss you too!

Arnamentia said...

Have a great time back in Canada. We look forward to seeing you in a couple of months time.
Best wishes
Carol & Jon, still in Gulf Harbour

Vicki said...

Maybe we'll connect this season in Fiji? Will you be heading there again? We arrive, in Nadi, May 1, and we'll sail in just Fiji this season. Our skype phone: 541-223-7228, and we'll also have internet connection for a great deal of the time. In Australia Apr.14-30.

Mark Roope said...

Enjoy your break from Ladybug for a while.
This sailing life can be quiet stressful as you know so a few months off not thinking if your anchor is going to drag or what the weather is going to do must be great.
Look forward to more blogs when you get back.
Cygnus III